The History of PVA and TePla


1991 Founded as Management Buy-Out from Balzers
1998 Founding of PVA Jena GmbH as manufacturing site
1999 Acquisition of Crystal Growing Systems (CGS) GmbH from

Technics Plasma Europe GmbH

1970 Founded as European Headquarters of an American plasma systems maker
1990 Founded as independent GmbH named TePla GmbH
1995 Acquired from Jenoptik
1999 IPO of TePla AG at the New Market
2000 Acquisition of Metroline Inc.  USA
2001 Founding of TePla America by merger of Metroline Inc. and
TePla U.S.

PVA Tepla AG

2002 Merging of PVA GmbH and TePla AG with reverse IPO
on the “New Market”
2004 Acquisition of Haldor Topsoe, Danmark, founding PVA TePla Danmark
2006 Acquisition of Asyntis GmbH, Germany
2006 Acquisition of PlaTeG mbH, Germany
2007 Acquisition of KSI-SamTec, Germany, forming PVA TePla
Analytical GmbH
2012 Acquisition of Munich Metrology, formerly GeMeTec
2013 Integration of JenaWave GmbH into PVA TePla Metrology Group
2015 Founding of PVA MPS GmbH concentrating on Metrology and Plasma Products
2017 Plasma Group moves to Head Quarter in Wettenberg
2018 Plasma Group opens new applications lab in Wettenberg