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Single Wafer Plasma Asher for MEMS and LED

Single Wafer Asher for LED and MEMS with Wafer Size 100mm, 150mm and 200mm

The Plasma Systems Unit of PVA TePla has developed a new single wafer plasma system for resist stripping, which is aiming at the LED and MEMS industry. It combines the proven design of wafer transfer from the 300mm platform and the well established cost effective plasma sources with direct microwave. The system is of modular design and can operate one to three individual process chambers. It can handle wafer sizes from 100mm to 200mm as a dedicated wafer size or as bridging tool between two wafer sizes. The system is designed that process chamber modules can be upgraded in the field. First system is scheduled for delivery in summer of 2014.



New single wafer plasma system for resist removal

New Method for automatic Slip Line Analysis

Slip Line Analyzer

Slip Line Analyzer

The JenaWave group of PVA TePla AG has released a new software tool for the automatic analysis of slip lines on their SIRD Stress Monitoring System. The currently used grid-based-analysis tool has shown variations in the results esp. with low defect density. The new method greatly improves the repeatability of data, as it analyses each measurement point, where the limiters are exceeded. The measurement data of the surrounding measurement points are analyzed, whether they also exceed the limiters (Halo-Analyse). The result is a much improved and more reliable data for stress related defects, such as the total area affected by defects or the length of slip lines on the wafer (Slip Line Analyse).


The new method was developed with Rev. 5.0 of the SIRD operating system, however, it can also process data, which have been acquired with previous versions of the SIRD-Versionen operating system. Existing users of the SIRD metrology can use this new method through an office version, which can be installed on almost every office-PC.