Photo Resist Processing

Wafer in Ar plasma system

The portfolio of applications for treatment of photo resist includes the removal of resist from different substrates, removal of a sacrificial layer, descumming (removal of  a small and well defined amount of resist), cleaning deep trenches in Silicon after the Bosch etching process. Another group of processes was created to change the surface energy to creating hydrophilic surfaces or adjust the contact angle to a defined value.

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Metrology on wafer

We provide Laser based metrology to measure the shear stress in wafers after high temperature processing and also for monitoring of implant process. Also offered are measurement of surface contamination to very low levels and inspection tools using ultra-sonic microscopy for wafers, ingots as well as packaged devices.

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3D IC / Thin Wafer

Thin wafer etched

Our processes are utilized for wafers to provide stress relief for thin wafer and dies Other techniques are relief-etch of silicon in the vertical stacking of wafers.

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Semiconductor Packaging

Copper lead frame after cleaning

Our special plasma cleaning processes are widely used in the packaging of semiconductors, they are applied to all kind of substrates prior to wire bonding and encapsulation, prior to flip chip underfilling, surface activation or oxide removal, using either RF excited or microwave driven plasma

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Industrial / Life Sciences

Medical application

We process our customers’ devices in our plasma systems to improve adhesion prior to spray painting, glueing etc. In medical applications our process technology is used for sterilization and cleaning of for instance surgical implants.

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