Ultrasonic Inspection

The SAM Line offers universal products of scanning acoustic microscopes, applicable in the field of scientific research and quality control in the industrial sector. Our innovative hardware/software-platform allows a universal range of use and assures an easy and uncomplicated modular operation of the machine.


The SAM Premium Line connects ultrasonic and optical microscopy. This technology allows the combination of the scanner with both an inversive microscope and a reflected-light microscope.


Our Auto Wafer Line offers you fully automated ultrasonic microscopes, which can be used for inspections of bonded wafers and MEMS.


The SAM Auto Tray Line offers you fully automated ultrasonic microscopes developed especially for the wafer-inspection of electronic modules and IGBT-modules.


Auto Ingot is a fully automated ultrasonic microscope which allows the examination of single crystal ingots (Si, Ge, GaAs).


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