The Plasma System GIGA 690 is a low-pressure microwave plasma system for cleaning and activation on advanced chip packages prior to die attach, wire bonding, Flip Chip underfill and encapsulation. A special configuration is used for the edge isolation etching process for solar cell manufacturing. Microwaves of 2.45 GHz are applied through a window in the wall of the vacuum chamber producing a largely extended plasma. Any size and type of magazine can be processed. Due to the use of microwaves the plasma system GIGA 690 provides for fast and damage-free plasma processing. In this plasma system the plasma cleaning effect is based on chemical reactions of reactive plasma particles (radicals) guided through the substrate carriers.


The system is easy to operate in manual and automatic mode. The highly user-friendly system software complies to SEMI standards. The GIGA 690 is the successor of the PS 400 and PS 660 and introduced to the market in 2008.