GIGAbatch 360/380P

The GIGAbatch 360 and 380P are the high end plasma systems for batch processing, using the same geometry and capacity as the M-systems, the GIGAbatch 360P with chamber diameter 245mm can process up to 50 wafers of 150mm, while the GIGAbatch 380P has a process chamber diameter of 300mm for up to 25 wafers of 200mm size. The difference to the M-type system is the compliance to clean room requirement and process cleanliness.


The standard configuration also includes two separate gas channels with automatic flow controllers and bellow valves together with Temperature measurement of the wafers and end-point detection in a stand-alone frame with stainless steel covers, rollers and leveling feet. The system offers specs for particle contribution and metal contamination.


Optional items are active process pressure control, ceramic process chamber also for 200mm wafers as well as vacuum seals for fluorinated process chemistry. The system can be equipped with an automatic wafer transfer station, which will load the wafers from their cassettes to the process chamber and back. Host communication and remote system operation are also available.