Munich Metrology VPD Systems and Modules


Munich Metrology GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of PVA TePla, is a leading edge supplier of VPD, Vapor Phase Decomposition equipment with two decades of VPD experience with both equipment and applications.  In 2012 Munich Metrology was acquired by PVA-TePla to expand their Semiconductor Group metrology capabilities.  Munich Metrology products are now manufactured by PVA-TePla.

WSMS, Wafer Surface Measurement System

Munich metrology WSMS Vapor Phase Decomposition Measurement System for trace metal contamination on a wafer surface.
Munich Metrology WSMS VPD Measurement System

Munich Metrology offers the most advanced, fully integrated, VPD Measurement System available today. The WSMS includes a leading edge VPD, Vapor Phase Decomposition, sample collection system with a state-of-the-art chemical delivery system that automatically provides all the chemicals for VPD and all the chemicals required for the calibration of the integrated ICP-MS analysis system.  It is a complete measurement system under the control of one computer that accepts remote commands and provides measurement results in real time through a SECS/GEM factory automation interface.  The advantages of the WSMS include:

  • Lowest Detection Limits
  • Faster Delivery of Measurement Results
  • Accurate Measurements  through Precision, Error-Free, Chemical  Dosing, Diluting, Mixing and Delivery to both VPD and ICP-MS operations
  • Real Time Process Control
  • Significant Reduction in Labor Costs

WSPS, Wafer Surface Preparation System

Munich metrology WSPS VPD, Vapor Phase Decomposition, Sample Collection System for trace metal contamination on a wafer surface.
WSPS System, Complete Sample Collection System


WSPS systems include the processing modules, a robot, cassette stations and fixed load interface stations for FOUPS in a system enclosure that provides filtered clean air, utilities and power to the individual modules. WSPS software provides complete system operation capability and data collection including custom Recipe Set-Up, Job Definition, Job Execution, Management of Wafer Priority and Remote Monitoring and Operation.

WSPS, Wafer Surface Preparation System and VPD Modules

Munich Metrology HF vapor etching of Silicon Oxide on a wafer surface as the first step of collecting a sample of trace metal contamination on a wafer surface
PAD-Fume, Oxide Etch Module

Munich Metrology also offers a variety of VPD, Vapor Phase Decomposition, Modules and Systems for sample collection with a wide range of options and applications. Modules provide the VPD functions of etching the native oxide and scanning the wafer surface with a droplet to collect a sample for ICP-MS analysis. There is also a module for drying the sample prior to TXRF analysis or heating the sample to drive off unwanted chemical compounds prior to ICP-MS analysis. VPD Modules are available for stand-alone operation or for integration into an automated WSPS, Wafer Surface Preparation Systems.


Munich Metrology Sample Collection Module for trace metal contamination detection on a wafer surface.
PAD-Scan, Sample Collection Module


Both modules and systems can be selected with a variety of application options:

  • Full Bevel Scan to scan only the wafer bevel and a limited portion of the wafer top and bottom adjacent to the bevel
  • Bulk Etching of the Silicon with HF/Ozone
  • Hydrophilic Scan for hydrophilic wafer surfaces
  • Sample Evaporation to remove or minimize the Silicon matrix in the sample
  • Wafer Heating to remove Ammonium Fluoride formed on Nitride wafers after fuming

Refurbished Systems

Munich Metrology has the capability to refurbish older GeMeTec VPD products bringing them up to date with commercial grade electronics and Windows software. Frequently used and refurbished VPD products are available for sale. Please check with your Munich Metrology sales contact or contact our headquarters in Munich.

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