Single Wafer Systems

The single wafer plasma systems are combined under the name “GIGAfab”. These systems are designed for a variety of configurations serving different applications and markets, from descum and removal of photo resist including SU-8 for 300mm wafers or in minibatch for smaller wafer size,  to stress relief etch processes for  thin or diced wafers on film. The systems are available for manual loading as well as in fully automatic configuration.


Depending on the applications, the systems can be customized with different plasma sources ranging from simple microwave sources for cost efficient processing to large area sources for processing with high uniformity across an entire wafer or downstream radical sources for efficient etching of Silicon for the stress relief etching process.


The wafer temperature will be controlled using a closed loop liquid cooling system from 20 to 95 °C or alternatively with electrical heating up to 300°C. The optional of air cooling allows processing the wafers at a controlled stable temperature anywhere between 60°C to 300°C.


In the manual configuration, the wafers are loaded onto a pull out stage with temperature control. The systems with automatic loading utilize a pick and place robot loader utilizing the time-saving on-the fly alignment. Alternatively a conventional alignment station with wafer ID reader is also available. In addition we offer a communication package to the factory host or an OHT system compliant to the SECS GEM 300mm protocol.


GIGAfab M for wafers up to 300mm with manual loading


GIGAfab A300 for wafers up to 300mm with automatic loading


GIGAfab Modular for 150mm und 200mm wafers with automatic loading


GIGAfab Gen2 for Flat Panel Displays


Wafer handling cassette station