The GIGAfab A is a platform for plasma systems with fully automatic wafer transfer using a robot system. Different options allow us to tailor the system exactly to the customer’s needs, starting with a very simple configuration with one process chamber, a single arm robot system and a single cassette station to a highly productive solution with two process chambers, a dual arm robot and two FOUP load ports for 300mm wafers.

The process chamber design is very similar to the GIGAfab M system, except the loading door is replaced by a gate valve for load access. Inside the chamber the chuck also offers different options for temperature control of the wafer during process,  using either a closed loop liquid cooling system with chiller for processing temperatures from 20 to 95 °C or the electrical heating up to 300°C with an optional air cooling allowing to process the wafers at a controlled stable temperature anywhere between 60°C to 300°C.

For the applications around processing photo resist, the system can be equipped with a direct MW source, from a very simple and cost effective solution for resist stripping to a planar source with excellent uniformity to cater for the needs of partial resist removal processes for wafer bumping and similar.


As an alternative, the system can also be equipped with a downstream radical source with remote plasma generation to be used for silicon etching processes for stress removal and chip side healing application or to expose copper pillars for the 3D TSV  process.


The control system is based on QNX with touch screen for manual and automatic processing with multiple consecutive process steps. It features an automatic process pressure controller and two standard gas channels with automatic flow controllers, two additional gas channels are optionally available.


The front tool configuration can be dedicated to a single wafer size with the option of SMIF or FOUP load ports or it can handle two or even three different wafer sizes acting as a bridging tool from 150mm to 300mm wafer size.