GIGAfab Gen2

The GIGAfab Gen 2 system also uses the planar microwave source design, scaled to the size of flat panel displays of Gen 2. The main application for the system is to clean the displays and activate the surface prior to the Ink Jet Printing of organic luminescent material in the manufacturing of OLED and PLED. The system can be configured to almost any size from Gen 2 upwards. The displays will be loaded either by operator or by an external robot.


The stage which will hold the panels during process is equipped with temperature control capability using a closed-loop cooling system and an external chiller with thermostat. In case of manual loading, the stage is attached to the door. If the system is to be loaded by an external robot, the stage is fixed inside the process chamber and uses and a gate valve for the robot access to the chamber and lift pins to bring the panels on and off the cooling plate. Safety sensors will prevent accidents between the plasma chamber and the loading system.


The control system is based on QNX with touch screen for manual and automatic processing with multiple consecutive process steps. It features an automatic process pressure controller and two standard gas channels with automatic flow controllers, two additional gas channels are optionally available.


Another option is the capability using hydrogen as a process gas, either from the central gas supply provided by the fab facilities or utilizing the optional hydrogen generator, which will provide hydrogen from D.I. water.