This plasma system is the entry model for processing with special plasma sources. The substrates are loaded manually, either one single wafer up to 300mm even taped on a frame or smaller wafer sizes in a mini-batch configuration.  It can be equipped with a planar plasma source for the resist removal applications with very good uniformity (5% across a 300mm wafer is achieved). The removal of SU-8 is a proven process on this system when equipped with the liquid cooled loading platform. Alternatively it also accommodates a downstream source with remote plasma generation for the silicon etching process in application of stress relief on thinned dies and wafers.


The system is equipped with a chamber door mounted on a pull-out stage. The wafers are placed on loading platform mounted to inside of the chamber door.  This loading platform is offered with optional temperature control, using either a closed loop liquid cooling system with chiller for processing temperatures from 20 to 95 °C. Alternatively it has electrical heating up to 300°C with an optional air cooling allowing to process the wafers at a controlled stable temperature anywhere between 60°C to 300°C.


The control system is based on QNX with touch screen for manual and automatic processing with multiple consecutive process steps. It features an automatic process pressure controller and two standard gas channels with automatic flow controllers, two additional gas channels are optionally available.