GIGAfab Modular


The GIGAfab Modular is a fully automatic single wafer plasma system suitable for MEMS and LED applications. It features a wafer transfer with dual arm robot for high throughput at low cost of ownership. In addition, it can be equipped with up to three process chambers for wafers 100mm, 150mm or 200mm and multiple cassette stations.


The process chamber design is derived from the GIGAfab A system, tailored to the smaller size of wafers. The chuck concept is the same with electrical heating and air cooling for temperatures up to 250°C. Alternatively we offer chuck with  closed loop liquid cooling system with chiller for processing temperatures from 20 to 95 °


The direct MW source is also derived from the well-established designs, adapted to the requirement for single wafer processing providing the expected uniformity across the wafer.


The control system is again based on QNX with touch screen for manual and automatic processing with multiple consecutive process steps.


Each process module has its own automatic pressure control system and two standard gas channels with automatic flow controllers, two additional gas channels are optionally available.