Application Support

We maintain the current versions of our plasma systems installed in our application lab in Munich/Germany as well as in CoronaCA U.S.A., so we can provide our customers with support for the development of new applications or resolve process problems from current products.


In our Front End Lab, we have installed a small local clean room with class 100 capabilities, where we operate the latest revision of batch process tools and several single wafer systems for resist stripping as well as for stress relief etching processes and 3D interconnect applications.


The back end lab features our current batch type systems for advanced packaging as well as the automatic strip type plasma systems with MW as well as RF-configuration. In addition we keep our etching system for edge isolation on solar cells in this lab.


Support for the metrology application will come from the respective support centers is located in Germany, for the laser-base metrology in Jena and for the surface acoustic microscopes in Westhausen near the City of Ulm.


Our experienced application teams will be happy to give you support with your process working tasks. Please contact us with your inquiry so we can provide you with the necessary solutions to make your work easier, from a simple demonstration trial to a paid process development, either in one of our labs or at your site.