JenaWave Metrology Service

We provide support to our customers to solve their current process problems in measuring their wafers and devices, analyzing the obtained data as well as providing assistance to identify possible root causes.


We can measure on either of the two systems, which are installed in a class 100 clean room, using manual loading of wafers up to 450mm. In addition, the software of either of these systems allow a comprehensive data analysis to detect and evaluate global stress fields or local defects.


Similar to the SIRD, the SIREX allows measurement on reflective substrates with high resolution to detect visualize and analyze defects on device level.


Our fully automatic TWIN system with pattern recognition allows implant control measurement on wafers up to 300mm.

External Services

These services are available to our customers in order to evaluate the systems capabilities; in addition, the JW Analytical Service is also available as a paid service for larger number of wafers and devices or special analytical and dedicated tasks.